Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Photoblogging: OMG UR So Fired!

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Haw, it just goes to show that what's acceptable in one work environment would get you dismissed at another. Above is a coworker's desk. She's a very sweet Southern gal! It reminds me of the time I had a photograph of Georgia O'Keefe's... twat (text-only link, safe for work)... face-up (so to speak) on my desk for, like, two weeks before a coworker pointed it out to me. Oopsie!

Abs of steel? How about buns of bronze? Hubba hubba!


FranIAm said...

Well I'll be - you and I had this conversation over lunch... how you all get paid to look at such smut!

And how you can order your coworker to look at sexy body parts 'n stuff.

And no one can turn you in for anything!

That's the part I love best.

Princess Sparkle Pony said...

OMG, that probably deserves some explanation.

We have, as linked in the post, several photographs by Stieglitz of Georgia O'Keefe's naughty bits. At one point, I had to have poor Christina, my coworker, scan the images for a publication. They were difficult to work with, and she had to spend a long time carefully removing dust and scratches from the scans. So for, like, two weeks, Christina had O'Keefe's pudenda on her computer monitor. She was bummed, but totally saw the humor in it. The standard joke was OMG, what are you looking at? You're fired!

Of course, if she had really objected, she simply could have said so and we would have had somebody else do it, but still.

Let's just say that Georgia O'Keeffe lived before –way before– the age of lady garden landscaping.

Alkibiades said...

Try working in Classics. My job is basically just a purveyor of Ancient Porn.

My all time favorite vase painting? "Group Masturbation with Dogs Defecating" ...on a drinking cup, no less.