Thursday, March 05, 2009

Michael Steele Week Continues...

Welcome back to Princess Sparkle Pony, where it's all Michael Steele all the time! Hooray! So how has day five been for the puppy lover? Great for us!

One thing I loved was this article at vigorously conservative World Magazine that isn't about Steele at all. It's about a not-really-brewing-all-that-much feud between Sam Brownback and various "pro family" groups due to naughty Sam's Sebelius-approving ways. The head of Concerned Women for America says, "I don’t want this to be a Rush Limbaugh–Michael Steele." LOL. So the Steele/Limbaugh feud has officially entered the lexicon as a serviceable phrase meaning "public relations disaster caused by retarded in-fighting." Handy! I believe this newly-minted slang will prove to be useful to the Republicans over and over, for years to come. Michael Steele, this is your legacy. Yay!

Next up, it's "Orange Alert" at the RNC! Neat! National Review reports:

A person familiar with the situation at the Republican National Committee offers a measured take on the mood among RNC members: "We're above Yellow Alert - I'd put it at Orange if it was the Homeland Security scale... Right now, there’s no chief of staff, and I think that's a problem. There’s no national finance chairman, let alone a finance director… technology director, legal counsel. My understanding is that they have a ton of people interested, and just can't interview them fast enough. We're almost two months into the cycle with the special House election in New York and gubernatorial races in New Jersey and Virginia later this year... If these positions aren’t filled by next RNC meeting, there are going to be major, major problems."

What other delights did today hold for Maryland's best-known associate of Boston Terriers? Oh, right, yeah, this lady in the RNC has announced to whomever will listen that she thinks Steele should resign. And the kicker... she's black (you should be gasping now)! Oh, snap! He is therefore doomed.

Near the end of the day, though, finally something nice: a smattering of D-list Republicans saying Steele is A-OK, blaming the whole dust-up on "the media," which is hilarious given that all the participants in this exceedingly clumsy and embarrassing charade are enthusiastic and unrepentant media whores. They're just a couple of gals who can't say no, that's all. The Washington Post's headline, "GOP Lawmakers Rally Around Steele" is obviously an amusing overstatement.

Anybody else piling on? There's a lot of "Oh, yeah, you know what else bugs me about Michael Steele?" going around. Where's that inclusion you promised us hairdressers?, wonders Joe Solomonese, pointlessly, in Politico*. Joe, Joe, Joe, you fell for that old gag? Also, plenty of conservatives are grumbling still about Mikey's failure to deny that CPAC looked like a Nazi rally. Haw.

So, wow, it's so exciting to me when a member of the Sparkle Pony chorus line suddenly bursts out of her shell and storms the catwalk, a superstar at last.

But here's the real question: is Michael Steele Week going to end the way I think it's going to end? Stay tuned!

*The amount of attention given to Michael Steele and/or Rush Limbaugh this week at Politico is truly astonishing. And you guys think I'm bad! Holy cow, they're more obsessed than I'll ever be! I would characterize the way they're pushing this whole thing as "unfuckingbelievable."

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Karen Zipdrive said...

Rachel Maddow and Keith Olbermann are having a field day with all this news.
Rachel had that black lady Republican on her show last night and, girrrrrl, she whomped up on Steele.