Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Conservative Bloggers Quick to Jump to Michael Steele's Defense

Oh noes! Poor Michael! Here are just a few of the well-meaning "get well soon" missives being sent to him by his kind and concerned constituents, the GOP opinionistas:

This is what Republicans are saying!


Matty Boy said...

The Princess is enjoying Michael Steele more than Sarah and Condi combined. And his clothes aren't even close to as interesting.

Not that I'm judging. Just an observation.

Princess Sparkle Pony said...

Matty, Michael Steele's wardrobe actually IS interesting and hilarious; it's just that as much as he's been on TV lately, there's a scarcity of wire photos of him to use.

Matty Boy said...

Coming to Mr. Steele's defense, he is trying to apologize. 84% of the public thinks Obama inherited this mess, and they think he inherited it from the Republicans! Guys like Rush and Hannity are trying to gin up some weird timeline that proves it's all Obama's fault, while Steele is trying to say "our side screwed up and we will try to do better".

That is the weakness the Republicans find completely unacceptable, and all the other complaints are window dressing.

I am no good at predicting what Republicans will do, but he could be gone in a month, so have all the fun you want while the getting is good.

As though a Princess needs a commoner's permission.