Friday, January 30, 2009

Yulia Time Capsule: She Occasionally Lets Her Hare Down

Yulia Tymoshenko, opposition candidate Viktor Yushchenko's main ally, holds a big toy rabbit that she received as a present for her 44th birthday from a crowd of supporters during a massive gathering downtown Kiev Saturday, Nov.27, 2004. Ukraine's parliament on Saturday declared the country's disputed presidential election invalid, a legally ineffectual but symbolically potent move boosting opposition hopes for a revote. (AP Photo/Ivan Sekretarev)

We're late to the Yulia party here at PSP, so it's important for us to go back in time and see what we've been missing. As you can see, we've been missing plenty. Also, wow, Yulia is pushing 50! Looking good, girl!

She should totally carry that plush bunny with her everywhere.


Matty Boy said...

With her hair up, she looks ten years younger, maybe more.

And the bunny would be a bonus, obvs.

Anonymous said...

Separated at birth?

lebecka said...

Go to the photo section of Yulia's blog and check out the section "Actions in Support of Yulia Tymoshenko". Girlfriend not only has her down, she looks like a freaking movie star.

Yulia has always rocked, ever since the Orange Revolution. I swear that I saw a picture of her at the time with the Princess Leia donuts on the sides of her head-- but maybe that's just wishful thinking

lebecka said...

by the by, her website says that Yulia studied cybernetic engineering. Say what? Is the princess a robot designer?

dah_sab said...

With her hair up Yulia looks like a neolithic pagan queen. In a good way. She is simply lovely.

drew in sf said...

She is an avatar of the classically-overdone-yet-still-somewhat-cheap-looking-in-a-70s-recession-era-way Slavic fashion sense. Which means that the US stands to learn a lot from her.

Anonymous said...

Yulia Tymoshenko’s site is amazing. I spent half a day on the Photo Album alone, currently 8161 pictures in reverse chronological order. They are held in a data base and can also be viewed by year, by country visited, (USA shows her March 2007 visit to Washington) or by date, (see the little calendar at the right).

As to her hair
The first photo in the year 2000 is a striking portrait of Yulia with coal black hair
A few months later,? she has blondestreaks,
and many of the mostly blonde pictures show black roots
Other pictures of interest:
21 Feb 2005 - Clinton, Lieberman, McClain visit – see orange scarves
25 Oct 2007 - Colin Powell visit
5 Sept 2008 - Cheney visit
1 Apr 2008 - G. Bush visit
6 Nov 2008 - Obama visit to Kiev in 2005 Yulia is presenting him with a memento of his trip to the Ukraine.
One of my favorites shows a beautiful octagonal rug during the Cheney visit
which, the rug that is, also appears during Bush’s visit.

There are pictures of Yulia voting with her husband, at her daughters wedding, accepting decorated Ostrich eggs, in torn jeans, eating popcorn at the movies – a great site.