Friday, October 17, 2008

Uncle Splatty Has a Theory About Obama's "Unhuman" Calmness

Hey, hey! We haven't heard from Pony Pal Emeritus Uncle Splatty and his fantastical Photoshop stylings for a while, but he just sent me above and, well, how can I resist? Uncle Splatty explains:

Andy Sullivan at the Daily Dish was talking about Obama as though he had a constant supply of Valium pumping through his bloodstream and about his "preternatural calm" this and "preternatural calm" that, and how it scared him. I thought Anne Rice would be forced to reverse her renewed Catholicism and start writing vampire novels again!

Ew, nobody wants that, Uncle Splatty! I had to grow an extra tail so that you could have two combable tails way up!


Atoz said...

I love Obama as Spock. Spock was always hot. The coolness just made him hotter.

sfmike said...

atoz is right. It almost looks unbelievably not photoshopped because Obama works so perfectly as Spock.

drew in sf said...

leads me to believe that his parents are actually Leonard Nimoy and Nichelle Nichols.

Anonymous said...

Hey everyone! I just read on World Weekly News online that
Bat Boy has endorsed Obama! Seems Obama finely came clean about having a half brother, Obatma. Go to their site to see the cool pictures.

sopranospinner said...

I must admit that the overuse of the word "preternatural" was what put me off Anne Rice in the first place. I would dearly love to know how many times she used it in those vampire books. Talk about under-edited!

Karen Zipdrive said...

I really think the Spock comparison is a good one.
We need a sane, intelligent, rational president who doesn't drag his psychopathology in with him to the Oval Office.
Bush may have been stubborn, rash and dimwitted, but McCain's white hot anger issues and questionable decision making are even riskier- especially in this economic climate.
If all the GOP has to sling at Obama (besides the racist shit) is that he's like Mr. Spock, we are in very good shape.

Matty Boy said...

Another Star Trek/Obama connection. He was originally running for senator in Illinois against Jack Ryan, whose ex-wife is Jeri Ryan, the babe-licious actress who played the Borg Seven of Nine.

Maybe he's Borg! Resistance is futile.