Friday, October 24, 2008

Commenting on PSP DOs and DON'Ts

OMG, I totally didn't want to do this, but there have been so many new Pony Pals™ lately (traffic up 150% since September. Thanks, Sarah!) that it's kinda fully a must. First of all, this is my personal diary about politics, not a commercial site, and I don't pretend to be objective, so I'm under no obligation to be either "fair" or "balanced." That said, I love your comments! Funny comments! Smart comments! Outrageous comments! But I also delete a lot of comments! Why did yours get deleted? Probably for one of the following reasons:

  • You totally called me an asshole. Ha! Like I said, it's my blog. If you want to present an opposing viewpoint, start your own blog. It's not like dissent isn't allowed, but if you're a dick about it...
  • You talked about something totally unrelated to the post.
  • You linked to a story and said, "OMG, why haven't you written about this yet?" I can't tell you how much this bugs the shit out of me. It's like I'm getting scooped in the comments section of my own blog. It's particularly annoying when I'm at work where I usually don't post. Maybe I'll get to it later! Maybe not! If you want to bring something to my attention, please email it to me. Really! Please do!
  • You said something mean about Ursula Plassnik.
  • You are a right-wing troll, or any kind of troll. Sometimes I leave trollish comments, but only if they're laughably retarded.
  • You responded to a troll. That can be (very rarely) a fun activity I reserve for myself.
  • You corrected my grammar/spelling, and I subsequently corrected it. I honestly don't hate you for doing it, because I get mortally embarrassed when I notice it later. So please do correct me, but be aware that I'll delete your corrective comment later.
  • Your comment was hatey or made me uncomfortable for some reason, etc.
  • The sole purpose of your comment was to call attention to your own blog.
  • UPDATE: You made a comment about the comment confirmation code word. This is no longer hilarious.

There! Unfair? Hell, yes! But please, comment away! Um, not on this post, though.