Sunday, September 07, 2008

As Soon as Todd Palin Shows Up Wearing a Mango-Colored Pantsuit, I'll Write About It

Convention speakers made fashion statements all their own: Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer delivered his speech at the Democratic National Convention wearing a bolo tie. Ron Edmonds-AP

Bless you, Robin Givhan, for explaining so succinctly why it's OK for... well, for this blog to exist. Yes, I've been conscious of the fact that I'm mostly writing about the gals' fashions, and Givhan points out that, you know, Governor Schweitzer's bolo tie notwithstanding, they're totally the only things worth writing about. Phew!

So let's have some more crocheted boleros, Lady Penelope, I'm ready for them.


Christopher said...

Just read Givhan's column -- I always do. She rocks. Fashion IS politics. Also, not from her but related, learned a new word: trumpery.

Anyway, thought to myself... I wonder what Princess will say about all this.

desertwind said...

Aw, PSP.... readin' fast, I read "so let's have some more crotchety boleros"