Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Pwetty Fwowers Photobwogging

Click for fun-size.

Cherry Blossom™ season was kind of sucky this year! The sky was overcast during most of the peak bloom, and so you didn't get that great pop against the blue sky. Then it got all windy and blew all the flowers away. The end. Still, they are the damndest things, aren't they? Taking pictures of them is basically cheating, because they never look bad.

And the wisteria on the Mall side of the National Gallery of Art is about to explode in all it's extravagant vulgarity, a sight I recommend viewing in the next couple of weeks. That so much can come from so little:


Karen Zipdrive said...

How I wish cherry trees grew in Texas. I'd plant a grove of them in my yard.
TY for sharing this beautiful sight.

Lulu Maude said...

It WAS sucky this year? As in, it's over? There's still a big pile of snow in our back yard.

DuPree said...

Gorgeous cherry tree photo - thanks for sharing!! I may even make it my desktop for a bit.

I love your blog daily - over coffee, btw. : )