Tuesday, April 29, 2008

BREAKING: Media Still Find Teenagers Sexy, Still Hate to Admit It

OMG, sexualized teens? Get OUT of here! And some girl who works for Disney was involved? NO. WAY.

Please proceed directly to Defamer, of all places, for the most intelligent treatment yet of this fake scandal which has caused volcanoes of bullshit to erupt all around. Sexy teens? The nerve!

Also note that almost everybody who is writing about this story is also posting the "offending" photo.

UPDATE! Related screenshot from CNN:


Matty Boy said...

With all this interest in teen sex, I wonder why Southland Tales, with the very catchy pop tune Teen Horniness Is Not A Crime, didn't become a giant hit.

Oh, yeah, I forgot. Because it sucked. And not on a good way.

dguzman said...

I heard an NPR reporter "reporting" that her ten-year-old fans felt betrayed and heartbroken, just like they did with Lindsay and Britney. For chrissakes, it's just a picture! and she's got a sheet on! Put her in Vanessa Williams girl-on-girl action photos, and THEN we'll talk.

Princess Sparkle Pony said...

I beg to differ about Southland Tales. I loved, loved, LOVED it.