Monday, January 14, 2008

Condibot Roundup

I've been totally neglecting to promote my weekly column at Wonkette, and that's totally dumb because the more people look at it, the more I get paid! This week's installment reveals that it was not Condi who accompanied George to the Middle East, but rather the labor-saving, Disneytronic Condibot! See the latest roundup here.


cranberryzero said...

more money for the pony is good! last time i checked, it looked like the condi roundup was one of wonkette's most read items without promotion on yer blog. good job!

jolie said...

great post at wonkette, princess!

I couldn't leave a comment - tried to register but didn't seem to take - so I'll ask here:

so OK, we can't expect condi to correct bush (she should, but we don't expect it), but does anyone have a sense of history and context in this administration?

did anyone, anywhere, make responsible noises to counter bush's obnoxious declaration that, to limit deaths, we ought to have bombed auschwitz?

he's absolutely nuts.