Saturday, December 22, 2007

Whoops! Um, Hi!

Ha ha! Oops, forgot to blog! Anyway, my web site has been woefully neglected for the past couple of years, so that's what I've been working on! Oh, I'm tinkering 'n' such, and nothing is really ready or done, but I thought I'd share one thing which is fairly presentable.

About a year-and-one-half ago, I serialized an adaptation of a J.G. Ballard short story in the Photoshop contest threads at Fark. The Star-Wars-addled Farkers didn't think much of it, but perhaps you will? See the complete adaptation by clicking below:


Anonymous said...

why you gettin all arty n' shit?

usablogger said...

Wow, those are pretty creative and must have taken quite some time and effort to create!

sfmike said...

Dear anonymous: The Princess has always been "all arty 'n shit" and you don't get much artier 'n shit than J.G. Ballard.

"Empire of the Sun," his memoir of his time in a Japanese-run Shanghai prisoner-of-war camp as a British child, is one of the most disturbing tales ever written, even though Spielberg tried to make it somehow "inspirational" in his movie version. Ballard's follow-up memoir, where he finally comes into happiness and sanity as an adult with a beloved wife and two children, which is shattered by the completely stupid and accidental death of his wife while on a vacation, may be even rougher.

In between, Ballard wrote some of the most interesting "experimental" sci-fi fiction in history. "Crash," which Cronenberg turned into a great, sick film, may be our toxic car culture's greatest dissection.

And our Princess is totally in tune with Ballard's vision. Brava, Peteykins, and merry Christmas.