Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Damaged Goods

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is interviewed by The Associated Press, Wednesday, Dec. 12, 2007. at the State Departmenr in Washington.(AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

It is my unfortunate duty to convey this unpleasant set of photos taken to accompany Condi's interview with the Associated Press. Above, you can see she has torn her invisible friend apart in a spasm of rage. Below you can see her slamming a return on her invisible typewriter:

Removing the top of the skull of a toddler to get at the brains inside:

Photographer Monsivais becomes delirious, is hypnotized by the reflections on the table:

I think it all probably started off innocently enough:

Oh! And in the interview Condi talks about... --surprise!!!-- Iran 'n' Korea. It turns out that one of them can be kinda left alone, but the other one makes us a little churlish, but I can never figure out which one is which.

Bumiller Reading Club update: the Condiography is kinda fascinating, kinda boring. I'm afraid the official PSP characterization of Condi as a fairly sexless, naïve Cinderella character with exceptionally evil Fairy Godparents is depressingly accurate.


Matty Boy said...

That's the official characterization? I thought she was a singer/dancer/piano player thrown in way over her head. Kind of like King Ralph, except not funny.

Oh wait. King Ralph wasn't funny, either.

Kind of like King Ralph, except horribly tragic.

usablogger said...

Bumiller's condigraphy is indeed totally dull! As I write in my review of the book at as "concerned citizen:"

Often, Bumiller's book reads sedately as a canvas to redress naysayers' comments about Rice regarding her foreign policy decisions, upbringing, public image, social life, and sexual orientation.

The reader learns an infinitesimal more beyond what is already published about Rice. This biography is no more luminary than are the other biographies, but it does present a nuanced perspective of Dr. Rice that is anticlimactic.

Anonymous said...


I dreamt of the Secretary of State the other night.

I, male, white, hetero ...

Time for a total make-over.

Princess Sparkle Pony said...

usablogger: yeah, that's what I'm getting.

drew in sf said...

From the "Works on SOOOO Many Levels" department: The last photo of this set was used in a teaser box on the cover of the East Bay Daily News (Oakland/Berkeley, CA) today, with the text -

Rice: No

If I get a chance I'll scan and send to Your Sparkliness.

TexasYankee said...


Hmmmmm said...

Ummmm, you know, did anybody else notice Condi's adam's apple (especially prominent in the pic where she is resting her chin daintily in her hand)?

Girl needs to get that shaved, methinks.