Thursday, December 06, 2007

Condi Touches Real Africans

Photo: DOS 12-05-07

I just can't get over Condi totally leaning into people and touching them! It must be the Condibot sent in her place. OK, so remember how I said recently that Condi had hired a photographer to travel around with her because precious moments of her superbusy life were going tragically undocumented? Well, the results are paying off, because there are new, less snarly photos of Condi's African Dream Adventure on the Department of State's ultraconvenient, massively improved "Travels with the Secretary" sub-site.

This is the closest she got to the ubiquitous matching armchairs shot, a kinda armchairs strewn around a room arrangement with bad lighting which may have set the Condibot off-kilter:

I notice that one of Condi's new friends seems to be transfixed by the fabulous Saint George tapestry on the wall, and I can't say I blame him! Very chic!

But in any event, I'd give Condi's staff photographer an A for effort on this dismal jaunt, surely one of Condi's most pointless trips ever.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

So, that picture was from Condi's photographer? Maybe the photogrpher was having hard time getting positions for best shot.

If it for me, I'll take it as it is
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Kelster93 said...

A snoozing pal to Lecondel's right, a woefully crooked tablecloth, a motley assortment of chairs and a tapestry in which St. George is attempting to stab the floral arrangement?

It's all so, so wrong.

Did our Princess not go to the trouble of providing the world a precise phot-op placement diagram?

They have only themselves to blame...

dguzman said...

Oh, Princess--that's probably a tough call to make, deciding which of her trips is the most pointless trip evah--I don't envy you one bit! But it's those tough decisions, those objective and thorough insights into Lecondel, that we've come to love you for.

And because my word verif starts with the letters ODE, I'll write a quick Ode to the Princess:

Oh Sparkle Pony, thy mane doth shine!
Thy pinkness is as the rosy skies of morn.
Raise those sparkly hooves, Princess!
Raise them in celebration of your sparkliness!

The end.

samael7 said...

See kids? Composition matters!

All of the elements of a proper matching-armchair photo-op (avec les fleurs) are present, and yet, the whole is not greater than the sum of its parts without that magic ingredient, Condiplacement.