Thursday, April 26, 2007

Nice Rack, Ma'am!

French socialist presidential candidate Segolene Royal, left, welcomes Jacques Delors, former European commission president, at her campaign headquarters in Paris Tuesday April 24, 2007. The battle between French conservative Nicolas Sarkozy and Socialist Segolene Royal heated up Tuesday as their camps tried tactics to woo voters in the political center, the key decision-makers in the presidential race. (AP Photo/Francois Mori)

I really had high hopes that Ségolène Royal would turn out to be a fabulous, glittery Sparklefave, but alas, she's kinda classy and boring. But I loved this shot of her the other day! He's looking at her hand, people, OK?

But anyway, that photo would be tons funnier if one were to crop out the bottom half, don't you think? Lucky for us, Le Monde thought the exact same thing.

Big ups of the combable mane to Pony Pal™ Judah for spotting this one.


Matty Boy said...

Here's hoping Mme. Royal becomes Mme. President; politicians calling some of their constituents scum doesn't sound nice in any language.

Also, she's easy on the eyes.

While President Sarko would be wrong on so many levels, we would get more pictures of the 5'5" racist scumbag standing next to 6'0" Greek goddess Dora Bayonnakis and everybody's favorite EuroAmazon, the incomparable La Plassnik.

As Samael7 has already explained to us, It's funny because he's tiny!

Anonymous said...

Zipdrive here...

She looks like Andi McDowell, if Andi's features weren't all askew.

Blue Gal said...

And to think I never laughed at Le Monde until now.

Don't give up on the French chick so soon, Princess. She may still prove, certainly with the help of their glittery media, to be Franco-fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Vous seules apportez les reponses que tant de femme se posent, a soir, pourrons elle avoir une carriere digne de ce nom, une carriere politique, ce que vous avez montre c'etait que l'ont pouvait concilier reelement vie familiale et prefessionelle. Et c'est important pour toutes les femmes qui ne travaillent pas parce qu'elle ne croient pas en elles, qu'elles n'aient suffisemment d'energie ou parc
e que la loi leur interdit.