Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Have You Ever Seen Something Eat Its Own Head?

I just don't have much to say about anything at the moment, Pony Pals™, but I invite you to ponder the above. It's a screenshot from Yahoo showing their link to a Reuters article about how the Huffington Post and Slate are going to team up with Yahoo and it features a tiny screenshot from the Huffington Post! Yay!

The only thing that could make it a more perfect implosion would be if the tiny HP screenshot featured a screenshot from Slate. Or Princess Sparkle Pony.

1 comment:

Blue Gal said...

I'm just so, well, disappointed that there is no mention of Duncan anywhere in this post.

Sorry, this PonyPal(tm) hereby declares an open thread. Rock on.

(Nope, that didn't make me feel any better.)