Sunday, December 03, 2006

Toys for Twats

My suggestion. Click for bigger, legibler!

Let it never be said that won't support a fabulous cause, even if it's associated with Christmas. Pony Pal™ The Rev has come up with an idea so touching, even the gloomiest heretics will heed Santa's insistent, nagging call.

It seems the kids of the Aryan Nation, forever compassionate, are having a toy drive to benefit all the carefully screened under-privileged blond, blue-eyed children of their merry mindset. The Rev and his buddies suggest helping them out with a provided list of, among other things, black Barbies, dreidels and books for teenage hairdressers.

Nazi Saint Nick is calling! Sharing is caring, people!


Anonymous said...

That is so sweet! My breast milk is curdling! I think I'll send them my Wiccan Wonderland For Tots and my collection of books on how to get high on common garden pests. Oh, and the Dominatrix Barbie would be fun too. YOUR gift is to die for, but I don't want to copy.

Oh yes, and the Kamasutra for the Advanced teen. Those people do a lot of inbreeding, right? So they need some help spreading their gene pool through the population. I am SO sick of underbites.

Thank you for spreading the cheer Princess Sparkle Pony!

Anonymous said...

LOL...this is awe!..ty

Anonymous said...

As for me, I am going down to my local Barnes&Noble at lunch to buy up every single copy of Heather Has Two Mommies to donate to the most right wing religious church group holiday toys for kids collection!

Anonymous said...

I was so hoping this was a real... it would have made this year's shopping for Xmas in the Castro so much easier! Darn your Sparkliness for givething such a grand idea, just to moments later taketh it away!

Esri Rose said...

Those puckered suggestive...

Must lie down now.