Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Photoblogging: Off-Topic

I did get a chance, in between bouts of gloating and cruel schadenfreud, to enjoy a beautifully dismal day outside this afternoon. I noticed that some leaves had fallen all over the glass roof of a bus-stop-like structure near the staff entrance of my work, and seen from below, they were quite beautiful in a Rayograph kinda way. Each of these may be clicked for a desktop-sized image which doesn't have the moiré effect. Can this day get any better?


drew said...

we all quit our jobes becasue the democrats are in powere! Now we are the life enjoying the welfare! Enjoying the amazing cheese while reading and learning from your amazing blog!
we all said we'd stop the drinking and meth when the results where in and are gratefull to senator macca for not yet considing so the alcohol can continuie it's flowing and ted can make a few more house or booty calls for the other things we now require!

sfmike said...

Wow, drew, be careful with the drinking and the meth.

Princess, that's an exquisite use of the word "Rayograph" and your photos are pretty snazzy too. And "Happy Schadenfreude Day" to you too. It feels even sweeter than I thought it would.