Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Where's Condi?

Undated AFP photo

I don't mean "Where's Condi?" as in where has she been for the last couple of days (although I wonder that, too), but where's she been on the campaign trail? I'm surprised I've never noticed, but she just doesn't do campaign events, does she? I bet George Allen wouldn't mind a little Condi podium luv, and neither would Rick Santorum. I bet Michael Steele would really, really like some Condi podium luv.

And, yes, this is a desperate attempt to post about something... anything. See, long-time Pony Pals™ know that I don't like to write about things all the other kids are already writing about, so despite election FEVER (Catch it!), it could be a verrrry slow Sparkleweek.

Where's Ursula Plassnik when I need her most?


guru-On-A-Soap-Box said...

"Condi luv" strides in with stiletto heels clicking, leather boots, leather trench coat, leather SKIN---all soft and permeable like a vortex looking for a corner to curl up in.

"Condi luv" avoids the damp, moist, greasy mewling of politicians whose hair gel has penetrated the brainpan causing yeasty bursts of campaign speeches pah pah pah....

OR, it's the Day of the Dead tomorrow and Condi LOVES to party on her favorite day of the year! I've never seen a gal who looked more like a skeleton fornicator than our Condi!

Carmen Sutra said...

You piqued my curiosity so I Google Newsed Ursula and found:
"Ursula Plassnik eats Turkish pita". The article didn't say who the Turk in question was.

Carlos Coyote said...

This image is pleading to be photoshopped, just switch the index and middle finger.

Carlos Coyote