Friday, October 06, 2006

Byrd's Senate Rival Fails to Grasp the Finer Points of Campaign Advertising

We are so lucky in DC! Sure, we don't get to vote for senators or representatives or anything, but we get to enjoy all the campaign spots for not only adjoining states Maryland and Virginia, but almost-adjoining states like West Virginia as well! Frankly, I'm surprised we aren't deluged with pleas from Pennsylvania, Delaware and North Carolina, too.

Thus, John Raese, shown above, the Republican noob who wants to unseat loveable Dixiecrat throwback Robert Byrd, is all over my television. I couldn't help but notice his sign-off in his latest spot (see it here), though:
That's my message, and I approve of it.
Um, OK, Mr. Raese, I know you're new to this stuff and everything, but may I explain something to you? See, politicians often say "I'm [insert name here], and I approved this message" at the end of their ads to make it clear that it's an official spot from their own campaigners, as opposed to an advocacy ad created by an outside group... you know, like those delightful Swift Boat anti-Kerry ads that Bush denied having anything to do with, or those hilarious, racialicious Baltimore radio spots Michael Steele pretended to know nothing about.

By paraphrasing this campaign cliché and mixing up the words, Mr. Raese, you've managed to make the concept meaningless, and you've wasted valuable airtime. You approve of your own message? Um, I kinda guessed that already, since you narrarated the ad yourself.

I'm just saying.


Anonymous said...

Can I just say at this point, not that it has anything to do with this post, but I adore American-style political campaigns/adverts...pure comedic genius! I'm from the UK and Senator McCain came over and did some speech for a Conservative conference and he had the single most cheesy, ridiculous intro/political advert I've ever seen.

I'd vote for the sheer comedic value alone, pure unadulterated genius, keep it up America!

5th Estate said...

I concur with the above "anonymous" and also with your sparkle-tastic post.

Actually in that regard I visit you often and then.. well what's the point of commenting? I mean, really, what more can be said than that which you have already expostulated in your posts?

I'm just hoping you are working on book, like an unofficial bio of Condi or a Sparkly Guide to Politics or something.

gjdodger said...

I heard Raese went to the bank to cash a check and they asked him to endorse it. So he wrote across it, "I heartily endorse this check."

pissed off patricia said...

I am sure his error can, with deep study, be traced back to President Clinton and made to be the ex president's fault. If not it will be the only thing.

dusty said...

Not only is he dumb..the asshat is felony-dumb.

Anonymous said...

Have you ever seen this pic PSP?

Inspiring. ;)