Friday, September 01, 2006

Vacation's All I Ever Wanted

Quick note: I'm going on a real, live vacation! I'm leaving today for the wilds of Western Eastern Pennsylvania, and there I'll be fake camping until Tuesday. Wheee!

So no blogging for the next few days. My promise to you, though: photos of Rick Santorum re-election signs. If I can find any.

UPDATE: Fake camping is fun! And... I couldn't find any.


dusty said...

Sweet Jeebus in a speedo..Sansscrotum re-election still my heart..

Have won't find me "camping" unless its a fully stocked RV..

Karen Zipdrive said...

Have fun, sweetie!
After a year of hard, hard blogging, you deserve a break.
Travel safely and hurry back.

Drew said...

Your Sparkly Equineness - enjoy Western PA - it's my homeland, and it has some of the best fake camping you'll ever find. Cheers! SquirrelHill

Andrew Charles Huestis said...

well, I'm still camping in my secret tent located at 34th and brdway. The scarey pony is still right, though. GIANT TOWERS DID COLLAPSE ON MY SHELL SHOP.Thank goodness this petrol drives a neat sedan. Enjoy Peter, really. Thank you so much.

Anonymous said...

Dear Princess, I hope you're having a good time at camp. Your father and I miss you very much. Spud is sleeping on your bed and watching for you at the window so I think he misses you too. I think I saw a single tear run down his furry little face.*

*See, that was a fake story for your fake camping. Have fun! We will miss your wonderful blogging. Hope you do some good frolicking through the fields and get plenty of sparkly grass and exercise so that your coat is extra bright n' shiny when you get back.