Monday, October 24, 2005

Product Placement

I just realized... duh... that I don't have any links to Sparkle Pony merchandise on this page. So, um, yeah! There's Sparkle Pony merchandise! Click the above image for the special "Traveler's Helper shop. You may also enjoy the Sparkle Pony Self Portrait Boutique and our cheeky Sex Pistols rip-off extravaganza. Thongs are available!

UPDATE! Just added 12-08: Bill Richardson Facial Hair Alert System merchandise.

UPDATE! Just added 07-09: Vicious Cocksucker!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I think I fell in love to day, ha, with someone who has humor and class :-). Shocking and you live in non-battering BUSH LAND LOL Are you safe ,oh, thinking out loud isn't legal yet,lol I seen that on a t-shirt.I must say you made my morning keep up the good work ,dissing D.C. @`@ looking forward to reading your insider bashing on bad rice :-P = Kare = Karen